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DeFi DApp, Token, Coin or BlockChain

Audit Report Platform

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Company Since Early 2020

Most Trusted Audit Company. Now shifted to new domain. Most valuable audit report.

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All Audited Datas are saved on Cloud and are uploaded on Twitter.

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100% Accurate Result

BlockAuditReport provides 100% genuine and Trusted Report.

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Highlight Security Checkups

BlockAuditReport highlightsall security checkups either they passed or failed.

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Why BlockAudit ?

BlockAudit.Report is run by Group of Auditors from different Blockchains. We do audit of BTC Forks, Blockchains, ERC20, TRC20, TRC10, Smart Contract, DApp, DeFi, NFT, etc. Our developers have 4 years of Development Experience and 3 Years of Auditing Experience
BlockAudit.Report have 7 level of securities inside. After passing all the security we make report and looking for Transactions Tests. For Smart Contracts, we use some testing Tokens to send into the contract and withdraw back as per criteria.
Best and powerful softwares to Bot Audit are Ganache, Open Zepplin, Opensea, SafeMath, CoinSecurity, Truffle, Remix and many more. If bot reports are good then we move forward to human test.




How To Make Deposit?

Only Top Coins
We accept only Top Coins as payment. We have two options for payment. CoinPayment and MetaMask Payment. MetaMask Payment is safest.

You can get ETH, BTC, TRX via popular exchangers.
Send TRX, BTC, ETH etc. to
Send USD (of any amount) to our Block Audit coins address to receive regular update.

  • Minimum deposit:1000 USD
  • Maximum amount:Unlimited
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Minimal deposit amount is 1000 USD
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